Ledger and Trezor has landed in Asia

Eastvaults is Asia's leading authorized Ledger and Trezor retailer

Authorized Retailer

Eastvault is an official authorized retailer of Ledger and Trezor products. Providing genuine products straight from the manufacturer, as well as, peace of mind to our customers is our highest priority.

Authorized Retailer list:
Ledger.com & Trezor.com

Save Costs and Time on Shipping

We serve the Hong Kong and Asia region.
Not only will you save on international shipping costs, you will receive your product in 1-3 days, not weeks.

Trusted Brands

We only carry products from the two most trusted brands in the industry, Ledger and Trezor. They are unanimously the most popular and securest wallets for safekeeping your cryptocurrency offline, and away from hackers.

Trusted Partners

Not your keys, not your coins.