Our Mission

We are in it for the long haul

We are big believers of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. We believe blockchain will revolutionize the way we live just as much as the internet has.  To this end, we understand how important it is to keep our cryptocurrency safe and secure.  At Eastvault, our goal is to be reliable and trustworthy  authorized retailer.  Your peace of mind is our priority.

Why is it important to buy from an Authorized Retailer?

Cryptocurrencies have a lot of benefits over traditional forms of money and transfers of funds. However, it is crucial to safeguard you cryptocurrency. Hardware wallets are hands down the best way to store your crypto, offline, and away from hackers. When buying from an authorized retailer, you are buying directly from the manufacturer. There is no risk of your device being tampered with. As a retailer, we place large bulk orders so to cut down on international shipping costs and pass on these savings to you. If your device is faulty within the two year manufacturer warranty we can also process an replacement for you. Lastly, the main benefit is that we deliver with local couriers from Hong Kong so you can receive the product in days, rather than weeks.

Looking forward to hearing from you!